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SR Hydro Bottle

Deep Tissue Massage and Hydration

Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity

SR Hydro Bottle is the size that started it all. It's everything you need to stretch and roll out your entire body, plus drink two bottles per day and you've met your hydration needs

2-3 Days Delivery  

1 Year Warranty  

30 Days Risk Free  

Military Grade
Designed and build to last, Inspired by army
rugged Build
high quality Aluminium and rugged design for extra durability.
Stay Hydrated
SR hydro Bottle is simple & stylish way to stay hydrated.


Plastic bottles are bad for our health and the environment, that's why SR Hydro Bottle is made from strong aluminum material that is both safe for your health and helps reduce plastic in the environment. It features a stylish military-inspired design that allows you to carry it anywhere and stay hydrated all day long.