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SR Lifting Grips

SR Lifting Grips can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises and acts as both a lifting strap and wrist support all in one.


- The Schiek Ultimate Grip is quick and easy to use.

- Resilient Buckle and Hook & Loop for a Secure Closure

- Contour Shape to Fit Your Hand

- Secure Your Grip for Extra Reps and Control

- Durable 4mm Material for a Non-Slip Grip

- Will Not Bleed or Color Your Skin

- 9mm thick Neoprene and Heavy Weight Webbing for Sturdy Wrist Support

- Great for Pushing & Pulling Exercies

- 4mm Rubberized Non-Slip Grip

- Sturdy Wrist Support

- Protects Hands from Fatigue & Calluses

- Sold in Pairs

- Durahide Leather to Protect Hands

- Nylon Strap, Steel Buckle, & Pad for Wrist Support

- Neoprene Stretch Padding for Improved Grip

- Switch from Palm Protector grip to Advanced Grip

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